Smith's Forest Products is a wholesale Firewood and Kindling distributor located in North Bay, Ontario. Please use the site menu above and to the right to navigate. You can also get directly to our quotation page by clicking the bubble to the left. You may also click on the products pictured below to learn more about them.

Our “Green” Promise

We at Smith's Forest Products hold one core value above all the rest, the responsible stewardship of the living forest. It was this value we held in mind when deciding that our kindling products would be made from 100% recycled material from furniture construction. The collection of our firewood product is also done in conjunction with other hardwood lumber harvesting operations. Smith’s Forest Products will not go into an uncut forest for raw materials.

Pest and Disease Free, Guaranteed!

All of our products are certified pest and disease-free for distribution throughout Ontario. Since our kindling product has been kiln dried it is certified pest and disease-free for transportation throughout the United States as well as the rest of North America. Your campsites will be safe when using Smith's Forest Products to warm up the evening. Click here to view a letter from the Ministry of Natural Resources certifying the above.

Smith's Forest Products
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